NTPA 2019 Meeting Location, Parking, Etc.

This year the NTPA Conference will be held in the Eric Jonsson Academic Center, usually just referred to as “Jonsson.” On the campus map, it is listed as JO (https://utdallas.edu/maps/) and the room numbers follow the same format (e.g. JO 4.122, JO 4.614). With the exception of JO 5.602, all our sessions will be held on the 4th floor of Jonsson

“Ground level” for most of Jonsson is the 3rd floor, so conference participants will need to take the stairs or elevators up one level. 

The closest parking structure is Parking Structure 3 (PS3), where metered parking and visitor parking are available. Note: a visitor’s pass may be obtained from the parking office if participants want to avoid paying for parking: https://www.utdallas.edu/visitors/visitor-parking/