2024 NTPA Annual Conference CFP

C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S


The North Texas Philosophical Association is pleased to announce the call for papers for its 53rd annual meeting. This year’s NTPA will take place March 29th-30th, 2024 at the University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson, TX. Our keynote speaker this year will be Mariana Ortega (Penn State). Babette Babich (Fordham) will give our inaugural Robert E. Wood Memorial Address and our Presidential Address will be given by Charles Bambach (UTD). We will also offer two workshops, one on Marx and one on Foucault, as well as two special sessions, one on Environmental Philosophy and one on Gadamer and Hermeneutics.


Mariana Ortega, Pennsylvania State University


Babette Babich, Fordham University


Charles R. Bambach, University of Texas at Dallas


Jill Drouillard, Mississippi University for Women

Jessica Elkayam, Sam Houston State University

Sharin Elkholy, University of Houston – Downtown

Theodore George, Texas A&M University

Humberto González Núñez, University of Texas at Dallas

Josh Hayes, Alvernia University

Ian Alexander Moore, Loyola Marymount University

Janae Sholtz, Alvernia University


Marxism and Ideology Critique, Jared Bly, Villanova University

Foucault’s History of Sexuality vol. 4, Chris Davidson, Mount St. Joseph University


The NTPA welcomes papers from all philosophical perspectives although it is especially amenable to the continental philosophical tradition. We invite both individual and two-person panel submissions. Individual submissions should include a completed paper of 3,000-3,500 words and an abstract of 150 – 200 words. Two-person panel submissions should include a title and proposal for the panel of 250-500 words, along with completed papers and abstracts. The NTPA employs a blind review process for non-invited papers, consequently authors names and institutional affiliations should not appear on their proposals, papers, and footnotes, and rather only be included on a separate cover sheet.

Individual Submission:

• Cover sheet with author’s name, title, institutional affiliation, and title of paper

• Abstract of 150-200 words

• Completed paper of 3000-35000 (author’s name and affiliations removed) 

Two-person Panel Submission:

• Cover sheet with both authors names, titles, institutional affiliations, and title of panel

• Proposal for panel of 250-500 words

• Abstracts for both papers of 150-200 words each

• Both completed papers of 3000-35000 (authors names and affiliations removed) 


As space will be limited, we anticipate the opportunities for presenting papers to be very competitive. Email submissions to NTPA Coordinator, Andy Amato: [email protected]

If you are interested in participating in one or both workshops, please indicate this in your email.

Note: In partnership with UTD, we are currently in the process of developing a new website for our annual conference. Upon completion, we will direct members and participants to the new site for all conference information and updates.

Conference fees:              Early Registration (by 3/1/2024 )/ Onsite Registration

Tenured Faculty                                $80                                                         $95

Non-Tenured Fulltime Faculty     $60                                                       $75

Students and the Under-waged $40                                                        $55

2023 NTPA Conference at the University of Texas at Dallas March 31-April 1

Greetings friends of the North Texas Philosophical Association,

The conference is finally upon us!

Before arriving here’s a couple of things to remember:

PRO TIP #1: A link to the OFFICIAL PROGRAM may be found below. Earlier versions of the program have been revised and so are no longer reliable. Refer to this program in order to find your talks.

PRO TIP #2: PRINT OR DOWNLOAD THIS PROGRAM AND BRING WITH YOU TO THE CONFERENCE. There will be no printed programs available at the conference nor will there be resources available to us for printing them on site.

PRO TIP #3: A REGISTRATION TABLE WILL BE SET UP IN THE NAVEEN JINDAL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT (JSOM). To approach from the southside of campus, from Campbell Road (west of I 75 and east of Coit Rd) take the “Main Entrance” north into the UTD campus (University Road). At the end of this road is a roundabout and our building, JSOM. The parking is color coordinated; with your printed parking pass displayed, park in a GREEN parking spot.

PRO TIP #4: Questions regarding parking or the facilities and accommodations should be directed to Dr. Andy Amato at [email protected]

This year promises to be a return to form, as the weekend will host fifty talks on a variety of philosophical themes.

Invited Speakers include:
“Kant and the Politics of Lying”
Kristi Sweet (Keynote, Saturday), Texas A&M University

“Celan and Hölderlin in Conversation: Reading Ars Poetica 62”
Charles Bambach (Presidential Address), University of Texas at Dallas

“De Certeau’s Unnameable and the ‘amicus mortis’”
Babette Babich, Fordham University

“The Between-Field: Heidegger’s Pedagogy of Mistakes in the ‘Tower Conversation’”
Katherine Davies, University of Texas at Dallas

“Philosophy as a way of life: case studies: Nietzsche/self-creation; Simone Weil/Attention”
Sharin Elkholy, University of Houston-Downtown

“Praxis as Experience”
Alberto Moreiras, Texas A&M University

“Schürmann on the Rise and Fall of Natural Law: For the Love of the Tragic Double Bind”
Ian Alexander Moore, Loyola Marymount University

“Freedom, Truth, and Kairos”
Richard Polt, Xavier University

“Interrogating the Cartographies of New Materialist Feminism”
Janae Sholtz, Alvernia University

“Justice, Accountability, and Their Limits in Republic I: What We Can Learn from Athenian Politics Today?”
Anne-Marie Schultz, Baylor University

“The Chains of the Free Spirit: Seven Aphorisms on Nietzsche’s The Gay Science, Book 5”
Richard Velkley, Tulane University

“The Politics of Pessimism”
Alistair Welchman, University of Texas, San Antonio

“Nietzsche’s Convalescent Cosmopolitanism”

Dale Wilkerson, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley

I look forward to seeing you there!

NTPA 2023 at UTD March 31-April 1

The North Texas Philosophical Association is planning to hold our first post-Covid meeting in the Spring of 2023, March 31-April 1 on the campus of the University of Texas at Dallas.

This will be an important year for the North Texas Philosophical Association as we work to rebuild the community we all loved and appreciated before the pandemic. We’ve had a great response to out CFP, and this year’s meeting promises to be on of our very best. I very much hope as many people as possible will be able to join us again this year. If you have any questions about the event, please feel encouraged to ask.

Booking Information. NTPA 2023

Booking Link: https://www.hilton.com/en/book/reservation/deeplink/?ctyhocn=DALRHDT&groupCode=CDTNTP&arrivaldate=2023-03-30&departuredate=2023-04-03&cid=OM,WW,HILTONLINK,EN,DirectLink&fromId=HILTONLINKDIRECT 

SRP Code is:  NTP 

The hotel is the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Richardson, TX, about five minutes from UT Dallas where we’re holding the conference. They have a free shuttle service and are within walking distance to a variety of restaurants. 

NTPA 2020 Cancelled

Below is the email that NTPA secretary Dale Wilkerson sent to NTPA members and friends regarding the decision to cancel NTPA.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with deep regret that I am writing to announce the cancellation of this year’s meeting of the North Texas Philosophical Association. This cancellation is due to the reported serious risks of the coronavirus, the projected acceleration of its spread, and the recommendation of public health officials.

I apologize for the inconvenience this decision may cause you, especially to those of you who (like me) have already made travel arrangements or may have turned down other opportunities in order to join us this year. The NTPA’s President, Charles Bambach, and I had hoped as recently as a few days ago that such a decision would not be necessary. But, as you know, this story has intensified since then and so we agreed that such an extreme measure is now unavoidable, given that our first concern is for the well-being of our friends, colleagues and community.

This decision is disappointing and frustrating for us because of the very high quality of invited speakers and panels on the program and especially because of the many friends who were planning to return this year. As a service to anyone who wishes to note the talk on your cv, you may download the conference program here 52nd NTPA Conference Program. Thus, the NTPA will be happy to confirm that your talk had been scheduled for the meeting.

In closing, I would like to thank Charles, Andy Amato, Michael Vendsel and everyone who helped plan and organize this event.

Finally, we appreciate our members’ interest in the NTPA, and we hope to see you again soon. I intend to lay the foundation of March 2021’s meeting by late summer and to release the cfp in October. Let’s hope for better luck next year.

If you have questions or comments, please feel encouraged to contact me.

Best Regards,


2020 NTPA Call for Papers


March 27-29, 2020 at the University of Texas at Dallas

The NTPA invites papers and abstracts from all philosophical perspectives.  Individual participants should submit a completed paper of 3000-3500 words or an abstract of 150 – 200 words. Panel participants should submit a title and a proposal for the panel (approximately 500 words), together with the completed papers.  

The NTPA employs a blind review process for non-invited papers. Names of authors and organizations should appear only on a separate cover sheet and be omitted from proposals, papers and footnotes.  


Email papers, abstracts and program questions to NTPA Secretary and Program Coordinator: Dale Wilkerson: [email protected]

For logistical support at the University of Texas at Dallas contact NTPA Conference Coordinator: Andy Amato: [email protected]

FRIDAY’S KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Alejandro Vallega, University of Oregon

SATURDAY’S KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Maria Acosta López, University of California-Riverside

PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Charles R. Bambach, University of Texas at Dallas

OTHER SCHEDULED SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Babette Babich, Fordham University, Robert Bernasconi, Pennsylvania State University, Jeffrey Church, University of Houston, Alexander Duff, University of North Texas, Theodore George, Texas A&M University, Ian Alexander Moore, St. John’s College, Cynthia Nielsen, University of Dallas, Delia Popa, Villanova University, Janae Sholtz, Alvernia University, Kristi Sweet, Texas A&M University, Richard Velkley, Tulane University

NTPA 2019 Closing Remarks

The NTPA executive committee would like to thank everyone who made this conference such a success. We thank our keynote speakers, Dr. Iain Thomson (University of New Mexico) and Dr. Janae Sholtz (Alvernia University) for their excellent and thought-provoking presentations. We especially thank the University of Texas, Dallas for hosting the conference. Below are those to whom we owe special thanks for their hard work and financial support, without which such an outstanding conference would not have occurred.

  • University of Texas, Dallas (financial support and hosting the conference). Special thanks to Andy Amato for coordinating the conference, Matthew J. Brown and the Center for Values in Science, Medicine, and Technology and Dean Kratz for financial support, the student volunteers of the UTD philosophy club for helping with registration and other duties, and Charles Bambach, NTPA president, for a wonderful presidential address.
  • University of Dallas, especially Provost J. J. Stanford and the Dean of the Braniff Graduate School, Dr. Josh Parens for their financial support.
  • Dale Wilkerson (NTPA co-secretary)
  • Mike Vendsel (NTPA treasurer)

NTPA 2019 Meeting Location, Parking, Etc.

This year the NTPA Conference will be held in the Eric Jonsson Academic Center, usually just referred to as “Jonsson.” On the campus map, it is listed as JO (https://utdallas.edu/maps/) and the room numbers follow the same format (e.g. JO 4.122, JO 4.614). With the exception of JO 5.602, all our sessions will be held on the 4th floor of Jonsson

“Ground level” for most of Jonsson is the 3rd floor, so conference participants will need to take the stairs or elevators up one level. 

The closest parking structure is Parking Structure 3 (PS3), where metered parking and visitor parking are available. Note: a visitor’s pass may be obtained from the parking office if participants want to avoid paying for parking: https://www.utdallas.edu/visitors/visitor-parking/